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Test Accommodations


How to Use Test Accommodations

  1. Students must meet with a disability specialist at the beginning of each term to get their Letter of Accommodation (LOA) and Test Accommodation Forms.
  2. Print a copy of the LOA for each professor.
  3. Meet with each professor taking your LOA and Test Accommodation Form. Discuss your accommodations and have your professor sign your Test Accommodation Form. (See Tips for Talking to Faculty, below.)
  4. Alternately, you may e-mail your LOA to your professors, but be sure to include a note explaining why you are sending them your LOA. (See Suggested E-mail Format). You still must meet with faculty to get your Test Accommodation forms signed.
  5. Bring your completed Test Accommodation Form to Disability Resources (258 or 260 Kirby Student Center) at least three working days before the first exam in that class.
  6. You will be scheduled for the dates and times on your Test Accommodation Form.
  7. All changes in test dates or other information must be made in writing using a Test Change Request.
  8. A student employee will review test accommodation policies and procedures with you and will ask you to sign an honesty statement and policy reminder form.
  9. On test day, go directly to the DR Test Center to write your exam.
  10. Noncompliance may result in delays in the testing process or being sent back to the classroom.

Note: If a professor and student make arrangements for accommodated testing in the department/classroom, it is not necessary for the student to return the Test Accommodations Form to DR.


Student Responsibilities

Exam Guidelines

  1. A fully-completed Test Accommodation Form must be on file in DR before students may use DR testing. .
  2. Students are encouraged to come to the Test Center 5-10 minutes before their exam is scheduled.
  3. Students who are tardy for their exam appointments will have the "late time" subtracted from their allotted testing time.
  4. Students who are more than 20 minutes late will be considered "no shows" and will have to reschedule with the professor.
  5. If a student fails to come in for the scheduled exam, the exam will be returned to the professor. Make-up exams must be authorized by the professor.

Test Scheduling Changes

  1. Any change from Test Accommodation Form information to must be made in writing, using the Test Change Request.
  2. Students are responsible for submitting all exam changesto the DR test center.
  3. Any change made by the student requires the professor's signed approval.
  4. All changes must be made at least one (1) working day before the exam is administered.
  5. Failure to provide adequate notice of a exam change will result in the student being sent to the classroom for that exam.


Exam Security

  1. All students are expected to abide by the academic integrity section of UMD's conduct code and will sign their acceptance of it.
  2. All exams are proctored.
  3. Only those materials specified by the professor are allowed in the testing rooms.
  4. No cell phones, backpacks, PDAs, i-Pods, etc. will be allowed in the testing rooms.
  5. All other materials (jackets, hats, bags, cell phones, calculators, etc.) must be left in the Disability Resources office. Disability Resources is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Visits to the restroom will be permitted only in emergency situations or with a documented medical condition.


Test Change Request

Please note the following:

  • Requests must be submitted with at least 24 hours notice. Disability Resources is unable to provide accommodations for late requests.
  • Instructor approval is required for all test changes made by the student. You must print this form and get it signed by your instructor for DR to act on your request.
  • If your instructor announces an unscheduled exam, or changes the exam date or time, fill out and submit this form. No instructor approval is needed.
  • Paper forms are available at the Disability Resources office.
Student Information
e.g. CS 1511
TBA Test Information
Rescheduled Test Information
Cancelled Test Information
Who made the change?

Tips for Talking to Faculty

Students have many concerns, including accommodations, to discuss with their professors. It may be difficult at first, but will get easier each time. These tips may help.

  • For privacy, and time for adequate discussion, make an appointment or go to your professor or instructor's office hours. If your professor does not hold regular office hours, or if you have a class at the same time, ask your professor to schedule an appointment with you. Tell your professor that you are working with Disability Resources.
  • Address your professor as Doctor or Professor unless you are told otherwise. ("Mr."and "Ms."are appropriate titles for high school teachers.)
  • Make it clear that you are a serious and motivated student. Never tell your professor that you are incapable of doing something.
  • Make sure you understand and can explain how your disability is related to the accommodations you use. If appropriate, discuss what has worked for you in the past.
  • Be open to suggestions from your professors. They are the experts in their classes.
  • Discuss any disability-related concerns that need to be brought to your professor's attention, such as elevator breakdowns, how to respond to an emergency, or attendance issues due to chronic health problems. Make sure you and your professor each have a clear understanding of any agreements made.
  • Never assume a professor will be okay with missing class and/or assignments. Remember all UMD students are held to the same standards and requirements as other students, regardless of disability status.
  • Be assertive, but not aggressive. Always remain calm and courteous.
  • If there is a disagreement, or the professor indicates an unwillingness to provide authorized accommodations, immediately make an appointment with your Disability Resources specialist to discuss the situation.

Suggested E-mail Template

The following template is suggested if you e-mail your LOA:

Subject: Accommodations needed for _______________ (Course Number)

Dear Professor______________:

I am registered for your (course name) for Spring Semester 2012, and am forwarding you my Letter of Accommodation from Disability Resources. I will check your office hours and stop by so we can talk about my accommodations.

I also wanted to ask _________________

Thank you.

Student Name and ID

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