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Interpreter Request

For students, faculty and staff, and University guests All requests must be made 2 weeks in advance.

Requesting an Interpreter

Students, Faculty, Staff, and University Guests

Students, Faculty, Staff, and University Guests may request an interpreter for on-campus events, using the link below. We may not be able to fill interpreter requests made less than 2 weeks before the event .

If you need interpreters in class on the first day of classes, you must request interpreters from Disability Resources as soon as you have registered for classes. In the unlikely event that you attend the first day of class without an interpreter, request an interpreter from Disability Resources. An interpreter will be placed in that class as soon as possible.


Working as a Team

When you work with an interpreter, you and the interpreter are a team. Team players must understand their roles and communicate for the team to be successful.

The role of the interpreter is to facilitate communication. They are not tutors, lab partners, or classroom participants. Interpreters do not make accommodation decisions for students. However, there are times when you must communicate with your ASL interpreter:

  • If you are struggling with their signing style, speed, fingerspelling, or sign choices, talk to the interpreter.
  • Ask for the adjustments you need (e.g. speeding up, slowing down, signing bigger or smaller, using more English word order, etc.) Most interpreters can meet your specific needs if you let them know what they are.
  • Make sure your interpreter has the necessary materials for your team to function. This may include PowerPoint slides, scripts for presentation, or supplemental reading materials.

Be assured that ASL interpreters are professionals who will:

The role of every student is to become an expert their chosen field. You may need additional accommodations such as a notetaker or test accommodation to become that expert. Talk to your disability specialist about these. The person who can best describe what you need is you.




For further information or questions, please contact:

  1. Disability Resources
  2. 258 Kirby Student Center
  3. (218) 726-6130
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