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Tribal Administration and Governance B.A.

Program Type: 
Bachelor of Arts
American Indian Studies

The bachelor of arts degree in Tribal Administration & Governance (TAG) is designed to prepare students to work for Tribes. This major combines fundamental courses from the Labovitz School of Business & Economics with courses focused on tribal sovereignty, governance, and administration. Students will gain the capacity to provide strategic management and manage human capital in tribal contexts as well as understand significant federal statutes and policies that apply to Native nations. Majors must complete an internship. 

All required courses for the TAG major are offered online. Students who have earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum may transfer to UMD and complete the required courses for the major completely online. Students who are beginning their undergraduate education at UMD can take traditional classroom courses to fulfill UMD’s Liberal Education Program requirements while completing the online courses for the TAG major.

Acquired Skills

Graduates of UMD's B.A. program in Tribal Administration and Governance will successfully:

  • demonstrate the ability to summarize, compare, and contrast tribal governance practices, constitutions, and statutes.
  • demonstrate the ability to summarize and analyze settler policies and legal principles concerning Indian nations, as well as settler governmental relationships with Indian governments.
  • formulate effective approaches to strategic and project management in tribal contexts.
  • demonstrate understanding of the fundamentals of accounting, economics, operations management, organizational management, applied statistics, financial management, marketing, and human resource management.
  • demonstrate the ability to summarize, analyze, and synthesize the leadership qualities required of tribal administrators.