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SSP Faculty

Your partners in student success


SSP’s faculty members teach a variety of academic skills courses, and training and practicum courses which promote student success across the grade spectrum.

If you are you working with a student who needs additional support to succeed:

If you are working with a successful student who is looking for a new challenge:


    • What kind of services does SSP provide beyond the classroom?
      SSP faculty provide private consultations on topics such as time management, study skills, transition to college life, and so on. If you are working with a student who is experiencing difficulty succeeding in the classroom, contact us.
    • Who are the SSP instructors?
      Patrick Eidsmo -- Writing Strategies, Learning Strategies, Tutor Training and Practicum, and Supplemental Instruction Training and Practicum
      Kelley Newhouse -- Writing Strategies, Learning Strategies, Special Topics, and Tutor Training and Practicum
      Jill Strand -- Personal Development, Tutor Training and Practicum, and Mentor Training